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Our studio is on the east coast, we run on New York/ Eastern Standard Time. We can be reached by phone Monday through Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We also provide our customer service by email that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Excluding holidays, and unexpected weather conditions. Please check our social media for any updates.

For general information please email us at 


For returns and exchanges please email us at 


You can also call or text us at 



Our email response time is 24 - 48 hours, seven days a week.

Our phone response time if out of normal business hours or we have an increase amount of callers is 24 hours.



Please do not Direct Message us on any social media platform, we will not answer you!

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422 W Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704
Contact: (888) 695-5121

Mark Hoffman

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Mike Frost

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Micky Doss

Following up on your urgent enquiry. I apologize that I could not call you sooner…

I recently lost my phone and could not reach your CEO. I’m currently using a new company phone and I could only remember your website. Thats why I decided to contact here.

If you are a customer service rep. Could you do me a favour and forward this message to him. (As its really important)

A quick reminder that he contacted us regarding an issue with Paypal Hold + Disables.

We provide Hong Kong Paypal Solution For Unlimited Scaling + Paypal Dedicated Insider/Rep. On top of that we also work with Paypal Insiders to help with Paypal Unbans + Removal of Limitations + Holds.

We assist clients in opening up Hong Kong companies and getting strong whitelisted PayPal to scale their ecommerce store. We will help you set up a HK corporation and introduce you to one of my PayPal insiders/reps. Our insider will help underwrite your HK PayPal and have the limit raised to scale without holds.


- Guided steps on opening a Cheap TAX HEAVEN HK Corporation
- Getting Strong Whitelisted PayPal’s
- Dedicated PayPal Insider/Rep (Account Manager)
- Open unlimited PayPal’s with Strong Initial Limits (e.g. My PayPal started off with 300k monthly volume before it went into rolling balance/resets each month)
- Advice on Virtual Banking & Where to handle funds.
- Increase Cash Flow For Scaling
- Drop-Shipping Friendly PayPal’s
- Boost CVR By 1-3%
-Unbans of old Paypals + Limitation Removals

Our Paypal Representative will be in charge of handling your accounts and helping you if have any payment holds/issues. Having a personal PayPal rep is key to scaling

I remember you were interested, and had a hard time following up because of my lost phone.

You can contact me here to continue our free consultation,


Warm regards,


James L

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